I started out in November 1991 with a single Isuzu double-axil tipper which I bought to hire out. My business grew steadily until the high interest rates of 1999.
On the 1st of August 1999 I decided to give my business over to the Lord, and to make Him the owner and Manager of the business. Thereafter I could see light at the end of a very dark tunnel. All honour and glory to the Lord.

Excavator / mini excavators
Hydraulic hammer with most of our excavators
Tipper trucks and flatbed trucks

Where we started with the digging of swimming pools, we are now also involved in big projects like the demolishing of shopping centres. We have also been involved in unusual projects like transporting sand into a shopping mall to create a volleyball court.

No job is too small for us.

Doempie Masjien Huur is a machine rental, demolishing and earth works company working in a big field.  It is a privately owned company with over 25 year’s experience.  We strive with every site to give the client the best value for there money.  We give the same attention to any site.  From any small work to big sites running for months at a time.  Our vision. Our clients comes first on all our sites, giving the client peace of mind.  We have been working with numerous clients for more than 25 years, on numerous different sites in the Western Cape.  We strive to have long time relationship with each client in our field, as it makes it easier for the client in future work.

We provide on each demolition site a full time site foreman with labor.  All trained in there field.  We strive for our health and safety to be at our best.  As this makes work on site easier for the client and Doempie Masjien Huur.  All work to be done on time and in time!!  All our legal documents will be in place, before we start work on any site.



About us:

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